La PDGA cancela el Euro Tour 2021

PDGA Europa ha decidido cancelar por completo el Tour 2021. Alguno de los eventos que forman parte de la gira se celebrarán, pero PDGA Europe ha optado, debido a la situación en Europa, por cancelar la competición. El organismo asistirá de manera puntual a los organizadores que decidan seguir adelante con su evento, siempre dependiendo de la situación en el país en el que se organiza.

Este es el mensaje original de PDGA Europe:  

Unfortunately, we will not be able to host full PDGA Euro Tour this year again, so the whole Tour is cancelled. While some events might proceed, either locally, or on an international level, the situation in Europe does not allow us to call it a full Tour as we would want it to be and so players will not be collecting points towards final standings. We will still try to support each event individually depending on what local conditions allow and how organisers will decide to run the event. Here is a summary of yesterdays call with all TDs of all then Euro Tour events: 


The biggest event in Europe is planning to proceed! Travel restrictions to Finland are being lifted today, so anyone with a full vaccination, or who had COVID in last 6 months can enter Finland freely. More restrictions should be lifted on June 15th, but there is no clear schedule or info about what exactly will be lifted, so we can only wait and see. For this reason, the event organisers are postponing the full refund withdrawal date and every player that will decide not to go to Tyyni this year will be able to transfer their entry fee towards 2022, even if they decide to not travel to Finland on the last day before the event. More info will be published on the tournament homepage at


Probably the most eyed event in Europe in 2021 will be held, but probably only for local players. Norwegian government might lift travel restrictions at some time just around the tournament dates, but there is still very high level of uncertainty about this and the exact date is unknown. International participation is very unlikely for this reason.


After years of success and growth, this event will be held only as a C-tier local event. Travel restrictions to Estonia are changing daily depending on each country number of cases per 100k capita and even though most of Europe is getting better in these regards, there is no telling if players will be allowed to enter Estonia without a quarantine or not. 


Estonian Open will be cancelled this year. 


Belgian Open will be held, probably as an A or B tier international event. Belgium is getting better and is easing the restrictions, so organisers are ready to provide the best event possible to anyone interested. 


Croatia should be opened to travel in September as well, so the event will proceed one way or another, more likely on an international level as an A or B tier, but the final decision will be made in upcoming days.


Scotland will host Caledonian Open as a B-tier as planned, welcoming not only Masters divisions, but MPO and FPO divisions as well. United Kingdom has the highest vaccination rate of all European countries and should be safe to travel to in early October.

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