Reglamento para la distribución de las plazas EDGC 2021

La Federación Europea (European Disc Golf Federation) ha publicado el reglamento a seguir para la distribución de las plazas disponibles para el evento que ha sido aplazado hasta 2021.

2021 EDGC Spot Distribution Rules

1. All distributed individual spots in all divisions are kept as they are (the list will be frozen until reopening of the registration in January 2021)

2. All distributed national spots are kept as they are, with each country able to change their players freely by the deadline set in 2021

3.There will be a new nomination period in December 2020 – January 2021 during which countries will be able to nominate additional players to the individual spots waiting lists.

4. The registration will open in January 2021, all players will need to be re-registered.

5. Approximately 10 additional spots will be added to EDGC capacity and approximately 20 additional spots to EMDGC capacity that will be distributed to
(a) national spots to the countries that were originally awarded national spots (only original spots, not substitute spots) but they gave them up  
(b) the highest rated players from the individual  spots  waiting lists in each division (allowing both players who withdraw from the event earlier this year to register and also to offer spots for the highest rated upcoming players)
This provision will allow to accommodate both players who could not participate at 2020 event but are able to participate in 2021 and also the eventual best upcoming players in the rest of the year

6. Age limits
(a) in junior divisions MJ18 and FJ18 the age limit will be increased by 1 year, i.e all juniors who could participate this year will be able to participate next year as well (i.e. technically MJ19 and FJ19 divisions will be played)
(b) in all master divisions each player with an individual or national spot can move to the next age division freely if the player reaches the age limit for the next age group
(c) players with individual spots in MPO and FPO who reached the MP40 and FP40 age limit in 2021 can freely move to MP40/FP40.

7. Eligibility requirements, all minimum eligibility requirements will technically skip the year 2020 (i.e. instead of min. number of rounds in last 12 or 36 months it will be extended to last 24 or 48 months).

More specific details will be added in November 2020 before the reopening of the nomination phase. 

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