Un californiano en los campos de disc golf de Oviedo

Hace unos días Mark Wayne Clark, discgolfista californiano afincado en España visitó los campos de Oviedo y jugó algunas rondas con los jugadores locales, entre ellos Ana y Manu, que hicieron de guía a muchos niveles y que trataron tanto a Mark como a su novia de la mejor manera posible. Estas son algunas de sus impresiones.

Disc golf has come to Oviedo and the two courses there have left me wanting more. The design is thoughtful and challenging while offering breathtaking views of this beautiful city. The uneven terrain as well as carefully placed mandos and OB make for a fun round. Add in a few par 4 holes and this course will test even the most skilled and technical players.

Purificacion Tomas´18 holes all bring something different with highlight being hole 5 (the one with the building OB to the left and the basket up on the hill), hole 13 (the short one with the double mandos down the hill with all the trees) and the big drop on hole 15 ( the one with the peninsula green).

Some of my favorites at Parque de Invierno were holes 1 and 3. Overall, Oviedo´s courses bring a wonderful challenge that makes for an incredibly fun way to spend an afternoon or a whole day if you can.

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