Open de España 2017: Mañana ya se puede pagar el canon de inscripción

The payment process has started. All the players holding provisional spots are receiving a mail. The deadline for transferring the registration fee to our account has been set to Wednesday 30th of November 20:00. Any registered players whose payment is not received by the end of this stage will be removed from the list of registered players, and moved to the back of the waiting list.
If there are remaining spots available, they will be offered to players on the waiting list in the order in which said players registered. The process will then restart and these players will have the chance to pay the registration fee.
Once the field is full, will start allocating the wild cards.
The players in the waiting list have to be patient and wait to see what happens at this stage. 
Please send us a mail when you have transferred the fee and please attach a receipt for the transaction. A copy or a screen dump is enough, as long as we can see the date and the time of the payment. It is this date/time that we’ll use in case it’s needed, and not the time the money is received. If you’re paying for multiple players, please write all the names in your mail.
Please transfer the registration fee to:
Disc Golf Club Oviedo
33191 Oviedo
Bank: Caja Rural de Asturias
IBAN: ES15 3059 0083 7128 6572 3627

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