Open de España 2016: el campo de Purificación Tomás (Parte II)

Seguimos publicando en la página del Open videos que enseñan cada uno de los hoyos de los campos de Oviedo. Aquí os dejamos la segunda entrega de los hoyos de Purificación Tomás.

Todos ellos ha sido jugados en la versión estándar del recorrido, y en ellos se observa claramente la estrategia por la que optan los locales. Esperamos que los clips ayuden especialmente a los jugadores que no han probado los campos.


pura 18h

HOLE BY HOLE (Standard version):

hoyo 2 COMPLETO PURA horizontal

The standard version of this 82-meter hole is suited for a right-handed hyze from the tee. The tournament version, however, is a whole new ball game.

hoyo 3 horizontal COMPLETO PURA sin publi

With a panoramic view of the city of Oviedo running down the entire left-hand side of the fairway, this par three is a true postcard hole. With a 16-meter drop, you’ll need a precise and controlled first throw from the elevated tee to make the birdie.

hoyo 4 COMPLETO PURA horizontal

This relatively short hole brings out the sidearm of the right-handed player and leaves the leftie with a controlled hyze from the tee. The fairway slopes heavily from right to left. The green is flat and guarded in front by a couple of big trees.

hoyo 6 COMPLETO PURA horizontal

This wonderful hole runs uphill perpendicular to the fairway of hole five, and along the same steep slope. The steepness of the area around the green leaves the player with a tricky approach or putt if you have a big arm.

hoyo 8 horizontal COMPLETO PURA

The courses second longest hole is a 130-meter alley through a tree corridor extending along a fairway that tilts from left to right. The drive is played from an elevated tee and requires a delicate tee shot in order to pass the first of two double mandatories. The green is located in the open on the opposite side of the woods. This is a demanding hole where anything can happen.

hoyo 17 COMPLETO PURA mando derecha

Seventeen is, in its last version, a complicated 93-meter uphill par three. The hole doglegs right around a big tree in the middle of the fairway. The green’s main defense is its diagonal slope, so in order to make the birdie the angle of attack of the drive is crucial.

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